To sign up, come to Division 9 Gallery:

any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 2pm-7pm, or Saturday between 11am-2PM to complete an application, select your spot, and pay with cash, money order or cashiers check.


We take great pride in continuing our Riverside traditions and look forward to seeing this years’ new altars representing our deceased who are dear to our hearts. We welcome you to share in our beautiful celebration of honoring our beloved friends and family by creating an altar, or wandering among the altars of others whose loved ones are very much alive with us in spirit.

This year you will have an opportunity to select your own altar space on a first come, first serve basis.

Altars will be displayed at White Park and there will be four application levels from which you may select your space: $25; $35; $55; and $75.


Please respect the following guidelines for our altar space:

*  No alcohol will be allowed on festival premises  *

There may be no alcohol related merchandise or representations on or around your altar, (example, alcohol bottles that resemble a skull).

By signing the application to host an altar, you are giving permission for any Day of the Dead staff member, at any given time, before or during the event, to search your coolers or containers for alcohol.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in removal from the event, and prohibit participation in future events. 


White Park